Gas Inserts

Gas inserts are a convenient and easy way to turn your existing drafty fireplace into a clean burning efficient heat source. Our direct vent gas inserts feature a unique venting system. The insert is installed into the fireplace and uses two 3” liners that drop down the chimney. One vent is for combustion air brought into the insert and the other exhausts out the harmful flue gases. The result of this is a clean heat radiating off of the insert glass and into the room. The benefit is you are not losing any indoor air for combustion, but are getting all of the radiant heat put back into the home. This makes for the cleanest and healthiest burning experience possible.

Wood Inserts

Inserts are primarily high efficiency manufactured units designed to fit into an existing fireplace. If you are the type of person that is tired of burning wood in your existing open fireplace and you want to get some major heat out of the fireplace instead of losing it up your chimney, than this product is something you should consider. Our wood burning inserts are easily installed into the existing fireplace and typically installed with a stainless steel liner system from top to bottom. You will be amazed at how this type of product will transform your inefficient fireplace into a cozy warm and efficient fireplace. We feature many different brands of inserts and they range in size and style. Please talk with one of our factory trained team members to go over the options that will work best for your.

Pellet Inserts

Pellet inserts are units that can be installed into your existing fireplace, but provide an alternative to wood or gas. They have some very attractive features such as, automatic ignition, thermostat control, ease of installation, and it can be a very affordable heat source. Pellets are automatically fed to the pellet insert and controlled with a thermostat. They are installed a lot like a wood insert, by using a stainless steel liner to reline the chimney top to bottom. Pellet inserts require a 3”or 4” lining system. If you have any questions on pellet appliances please contact us and we would be happy to discuss the product with you. The pellet fuels institute can also be a very helpful tool for many of your pellet burning questions, here is a link: