Heat & Glo fireplaces are an industry leader in gas, wod, and electric fireplaces. Offering fireplaces that are a step above the standard quality fi are the easiest and most convenient type of fireplace to own. Available with remote controls and wall thermostats. They are easy to install and look amazingly realistic. We have over 50 burning fireplaces in our showroom for you to view and compare units. They are available as Direct Vent, Traditional Vent, and Vent Free. Please talk to anyone from our team to go over what options would be best suited for your situation. You can be confident in our product line up, we offer all of the leading brands in the industry with factory trained personel


Wood fireplaces are available in many different options. We offer everything from your basic “builders” grade fireplace to your high efficiency wood fireplace that will burn for hours.

Wood is the most accessible and affordable renewal energy source in much of North America. As an alternative to public utilities, it can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Wood burning stoves and inserts provide heating security during electrical power failures.

Did you know that wood provides a near zero impact on global carbon dioxide (the greenhouse gas blamed for global warming)? Because trees are a renewable resource that absorbs carbon dioxide as they grow, they effectively recycle their own emissions when burned.

When purchasing a wood stove they are many variables to consider. Such as, type, size, locations, venting, maintenance, and cost. It is important to talk to one of our professionals to make sure you have all your bases covered, please don’t hesitate to talk to us, we are here to help and educate you during this process.

Here is a great link to review before you purchase a wood stove, it will give you some guidelines to follow so you can make an educated purchase: http://static.hpba.org/fileadmin/factsheets/product/FS_WoodStoves.pdf

Electric Fireplaces

This is truly the anywhere fireplace. If you can plug it in, your in business. Electric has gotten so realistic in recent years, that it is tough to tell the difference from the real thing. Our electric fireplaces offer a instant ambiance that can be installed in minutes. These are perfect for bedrooms, offices, basements, and apartments. And they are easy to take with you when you move!